Congratulation on purchase of Cold Oil/ Liquid temperature Calibrator, Model: SUL-25X This
instrument is one of the best available in its class.
We have taken enough care in designing and manufacturing to give you trouble free performance for
longer period. Extends high performance to the industrial process environment by maximizing
portability, speed, and functionality with little compromise to metrology performance. high precision,
better resolution, stability, fast in heating and cooling. More well dia and depth to calibrate more number
of temperature sensor at a time with better Stability and uniformity. offers easy to use portable Cold Oil/
Liquid temperature calibrator with temperature range from -25 to 100°C. It is a highly stable standard e
for calibrating RTD. This calibrator can be used on site for low to high temperature calibration and also
find application in aerospace, oil gas petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry, electric power, automotive
and material process industry. The comparison volume is a metallic block of special material, which has a
diameter of 35mm and Immersion Depth 120 mm. This model provides special design isothermal
enclosure which can calibrate sensor against the calibrator. Temperature of the calibrator is set and
controlled by a self tuned PID controller with automatic super fine adjustment.


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