SHK Introduces portable lightweight, best in class for metrology application, The High temperature dry block temperature calibrator.
An exceptionally stable and accurate temperature Calibrator between 50 °C to 600 °C for the High temperature range Calibration in industry with stability 0.01 Deg C. It enable precise
temperature calibration of a wide range of temperature sensors, RTD sesors. Thermocouples and temperature gauge in range of 50 Deg C to 600 Deg C
It accepts interchangeable insert blocks allowing for many sizes of probes to be calibrated.
• Temperature range 50 to 600°C
• drift-free internal sensor
• Dual display in ‘C/*F. switchable
• 100 to 240 Vac operation
• Removable insert
• Lightweight design for portability
• Accepts probes up to 3.6.8 in diameter


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